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Is the deposit non-refundable?

Yes, however it is transferable if you have a wedding date change (providing we're available on the new date), or if the cancellation is on our end it will also be returned to you.

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Do you offer Photo and Video services at the same time?

Yes we do! Often times we'll even give discounts if you decide to combine both Photo and Video services!

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How many videographers and photographers do you have?

We currently have one videographer and two photographers. Any wedding photo packages purchased this year come with two photographers for the price of one and combination of photo/video give you one photographer and one videographer.

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Will you work after hours?

We do work after hours, however it is at a per/hour fee, per worker on hand.

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How many revisions are alloted per package?

Business related projects are alloted as many revisions as dictated in the contract. Wedding packages are as-is, as you agree when booking that you are booking our services based on what is displayed on our website/ Facebook page. 

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Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes and no. All business inquires will be taken care of via contract and no business inquiries in Moncton warrant any travel fees. Weddings outside of Moncton warrant a travel fee at $0.50 per kilometer, however we're covering the first 75km this year! Free of charge!

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Are wedding packages negotiable?

Not usually, however we're always willing to discuss this on a case-by-case basis. Different situations may call for package alterations, so always talk to us as we're always willing to work with you.

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Will you work per hour?

We do work per hour. There is a minimum fee, then an amount per/ hour after. If it is a wedding service, it's normally more cost efficient to go with a pre-done package.

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What kind of gear do you use?

We currently use the following gear (for you gear heads!):

- 2 Canon 5D Mark IV
- 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses
- Macro tube extentions
- On camera and wireless lighting (4 flashes, 4 studio lights)
- Canon 80D and Canon 60D as backup
- Sony XR500V Camcorder
- GoPro Hero 5
- 5 Microphones (stereo, high fidelity, lapel and shotgun)

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Why does it take 8 Weeks to get my wedding videos/ photos?

We always edit our projects in order. The wedding season is very busy, so we allot 8 weeks to ensure we don't rush, but instead provide you the best quality product possible. Not to worry though, we rarely take the full time to get you your photos/ videos.

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How do I get my videos/ pictures?

We provide our products in 2 ways:
1. Digital download. We send you a link to download your photos/ videos. 
2. USB drive. For a small extra cost (for video, free for photos), we will place everything on a USB drive AND the drive is yours to keep!

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Do you offer engagement video and photoshoots?

Yes! Engagement shoots can be added for a discounted prices when being paired with a wedding package, OR they can be booked outright as a great way to test out our chemistry! We'll be with you all day on your wedding day, it's always good to make sure we all click! Looking to get a video and photoshoot? We'll create a specially priced package just for you!

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Why are there some songs I can't use in my wedding video?

Certain songs need to be licensed to use in a video and it can be costly. Some songs can be used on YouTube, however it may have advertisements played over them if they are not royalty-free. The best solution is to allow us to give a bit of guidance on which songs to use to ensure you never have any issues!

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Do you do destination weddings?

We certainly do! Destination weddings are absolutely breath-taking! We do special pricing on destination weddings to ensure you don't break the bank; because let's face it, we elope to save a bit and get married in a beautiful country. We offer some great ways to save further and still get professional results you can trust at a reasonable rate (including the possibility to save thousands by getting us there for free!). PLUS we'll do some extra photoshoots at no extra cost! Call or message us for more details!

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Do you post my videos/ photos online?

We always provide you with your product in a timely manner and when booking our services, it is within the contract that you agree to have any of your photos/ videos used in any future promotions. We do however use discretion on what we post and we will NEVER post anything you do not want posted or any sensitive materials.

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Why shouldn't I just so with "so-and-so"? They're cheaper.

Though we are very competitively priced already, there is always someone else who will do it cheaper. Cheaper, however, is not always better. You spend a lot of time, money and energy planning out such a special day in your lives and photos/ videos are the main way you will remember it. Budgeting for professional photo/ video service is always recommended because you don't get a do-over. Let us do it right the first time and take that worry off your shoulders.